Why A Book Review Blog?

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When I was nine years old, my family moved from Brandon, Mississippi, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a little more than one year. In spite of my exposure to some truly fascinating people and some of the most amazing experiences I’d ever know, my world shrank a bit to the gated and walled confines of our apartment complex. My closest relationships (referring to proximity) were with my sister and parents, the two elderly women who lived above us, the one elderly woman who lived below us, the grizzled custodian, and the little girl my age who lived two buildings in front of us. Thanks to the language barrier, my already over-indulged imagination sought freedom and expression through reading. Over the course of that year, I became very close to my family, was introduced to the fun of homeschooling, learned passable Spanish, grew to appreciate living in a major city, and made scores of lifelong friends – both real as well as those dwelling only in the ever-expanding realm of my invented worlds. When we returned to the States, I carried those friends with me and became the little girl traipsing back and forth from the library each week with a stack of books so high I could barely see over it. In order to gauge the quality of my reading material, my very wise mother read or reviewed every single book I read until I was about fifteen years old. Because every book I read during those years passed first through her careful hands, I developed a taste for rich language, great storytelling, and lasting literature. I consider that one of the greatest gifts my mother gave me.

Now I am a mother, and I have discovered that not everyone was fortunate enough to have a discerning parent guiding their book choices as a child, and they, as adults, are at a loss concerning which books to put now in their own children’s hands. I’ve had friends ask me for recommendations for books and authors that will make a lifelong, positive impact on their children. They understand that books are powerful, having the ability to shape one’s mind and character and worldview. They want to encourage wholesome, beneficial reading in their homes but don’t know where to start. I began to realize that there are many, many parents among us who feel that same way. Thus, the idea for a blog reviewing great children’s books was born.

I hope you come visit often and enjoy what you see. I look forward to sharing with you some of my oldest and dearest friends.

~ Katie




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