Flicka, Ricka, Dicka Go To Market


Some of you may already know that my oldest children are triplet girls. Even before they were born, I knew that their bond would be different in some ways than that of sisters who are not multiples, but I had no idea how different. When they were still very young, they fell in love with books (just like their Mama), and I began to search for some children’s books that might have triplets in them, thinking my daughters would enjoy hearing about some sisters who are all the same age – just like them! I was very fortunate to discover this beautiful series by Maj Lindman, originally published in Sweden during the late 1950’s and just now being reprinted during the last five years or so. I ordered Flicka, Ricka, Dicka Go To Market, and was so surprised by how eagerly my daughters examined the pictures of the little girls, exclaiming over and over, “They’re all the same size, Mommy! They all have blue eyes! And yellow hair! Mommy, they’re alike just like we’re alike!” I was truly amazed by how quickly and completely my daughters latched on to these books – and not simply because of the similarities between themselves and the main characters.

The story itself is sweet, innocent, and full of the wholesome qualities so often lacking in modern children’s literature. This family loves one another and works together. The girls want bicycles and decide, since their family does not have an excess of funds, to spend the hot summer working faithfully in a garden, selling the proceeds every Saturday at the local market. They do so, learning a great deal about responsibility in the process, and by the last Saturday of the fall market, they are the proud owners of three beautiful bicycles! These girls are a perfect example of young children who are both motivated and considerate, independent and obedient, competent and respectful. These qualities work so well together, but such a combination is practically unheard of in a great deal of the new books sitting on the the children’s shelves of my local bookstore.

The illustrations too, done in the style of the period, are charming. It’s been two years now since I began purchasing these books, and they’re still one of the first series my girls will pull off the shelves and spend a long time looking through the sweet pictures.

Whether you have triplet little girls or not, this book is a wonderful one that I am confident your family will enjoy time and again. I highly recommend it!



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