It Looked Like Spilt Milk

51edy2fk6rl I suddenly realized that I haven’t yet focused on any of my son’s favorite books on this blog, and it took me less than two seconds to choose It Looked Like Spilt Milk to share with you. My little man is now just two years old, but he has LOVED this book for at least six months. Written by Charles G. Shaw, it’s a simple but brilliant book that runs through a number of shapes that something appears to imitate before finally declaring that it’s just a cloud.

Such a description doesn’t do the book justice, though. More times than I can count, my son has crawled into my lap with this book, laughing delightedly every time I “oink” like a pig or try to blow out the birthday candle, only to cover his giggles with his hands when I whisper conspiratorially into his ear than what is pictured really isn’t any of those things. And he claps his hands in excitement when I finally proclaim that we’re looking at a cloud, calling out, “Cloud!” in a happy squeal. Then he promptly grabs the book away, opens it back to the first page, and insists that I read it again and again and again. How I cherish these times together, and I’m thrilled that there are books like this one that so engage him at a young age!

Also, there are so many fun activities that could be done as an extension of this book! I’ve heard of people making their own cloud pictures with cotton balls and school glue, white paint, stamps, or tissue paper. I haven’t done any of those activities yet with my own little guy, but I’m sure he and his sisters would have a blast doing any of them! If you’ve got littles in your own home, I highly recommend this book! It is a keeper for sure.


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