You’re All My Favorites

516lgwabpql-_sx258_bo1204203200_ Ever since we found out we were expecting triplets, one of my concerns was in assuring them of how very much each of them is cherished. I kept my eyes peeled for books that would reinforce this idea for them, and none that I have found over the years has come close to being as special as Sam McBratney’s You’re All My Favorites. (Obviously, we’re big fans of Mr. McBratney at our house.) I gave this book to the girls on their second birthday, and in the years since that day we have read it far too many times to count. It is an oft-requested favorite for their bedtime story, besides sneaking many times into the piles of books they stack up for story hour. This book is the perfect story to explain to my children how it’s possible for their dad and me to love all them the best all at the same time.

In this precious story, three little bears begin to wonder about their father’s nightly pronouncement that they are all his favorite cubs. So they question their parents, who offer the most special and loving response to each of them, convincing them in the end that they are, in spite of their differences, all the very best little bears to Mom and Dad.



I don’t want to spoil the adorable explanations given to these concerned cubs, but I can assure you that any family with more than one child would be blessed by this book. The story alone is worth reading again and again, but the addition of truly beautiful artwork by the very talented Anita Jeram helps to make it a family keepsake. I am sure my children will never forget hearing this story read to them, and I urge you to look into getting it for your own bookshelf. I have no doubt it will become a family favorite even before you reach the last page for the first time.


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