We Help Mommy

bobby-and-martha2There is no question that I love finding new books for my kids and me to enjoy for the first time together. However, as fun as that is, it can’t compare to watching them fall in love with a book I also loved as a child. And in the case of the Little Golden Books, We Help Mommy ranks as one of  my top five favorites. Fortunately, my sweet son and daughters love it too!

Written by Jean Cushman and illustrated by the great Eloise Wilkin, this precious story follows young Bobby and Martha through a day at home with Mommy, showing how they help her with shopping, housework, and cleaning from the time they wake up until it’s time to go to bed at night. The brother and sister sweetly set the table, put away cookies, dust the furniture, watch the clothes swirl around in the washing machine, pick up their toys, and more. It’s a normal day for these two young ones at home, lacking any unusual happenings, and yet there’s something so very special about their love and care toward Mommy and Daddy and each other that the missing excitement isn’t even noticed. The story itself is simple and sweet, but the artwork is breathtaking and truly makes the book worthwhile.

Times may have changed somewhat since this classic book was originally published, but Ms. Wilkin’s illustrations of fresh-faced children are as lovely today as they were fifty years ago. Her pictures of the everyday doings of a family at home are cozy and warm, drawing readers in to the peaceful scenes. I honestly can’t think of another children’s illustrator whose work I like more.

If your kids are anything like mine, they are eager to be a help to you all day every day. I’m quite sure they too will enjoy this book (also available in this collection of stories illustrated by Eloise Wilkin).


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