The Happy Man and His Dump Truck

51VpDAO9e2L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_My son is only two years old, but already he takes great delight in curling up on my lap with a stack of good books. He’s got several favorites among the many we’ve read together, some of which I’ve already included on this little blog. But there’s another I couldn’t possibly skip over, one I’ve read time and time again: The Happy Man and His Dump Truck.

The story line of this little book by Miryam is very simple and undoubtedly well-known to most of you, but in our house it is no less loved for its simplicity. There’s a very happy man who drives a dump truck, and whenever he sees a friend he offers a friendly wave and tips his dumper high. Over the course of the book, the happy man gives a ride to a number of different farm animals, all of which have a lovely time sliding down whenever he sees a friend.

My little man loves to listen to this story several times in a row, then run grab his own toy dump truck and miniature farm animals to act out the story on his own. He pores over the colorful pictures, making the noises for each animal he sees.

Tibor Gergely’s illustrations are especially fun for a little guy who loves action. Nearly every page shows something in motion, and the happy dump truck driver looks like a friend you’d love to meet.

This book is a favorite at my house, and I’m sure the little ones in your life would enjoy it too!


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