A Porcupine Named Fluffy

PorcupineNamesFluffyWe like long-lasting, classic books in our house. Stories with value that make them stand the test of time. Books that touch our hearts in such a deep way that we can’t imagine not having them on our shelves for our children (and someday, grandchildren) to read with us. But we also love little stories that are just plain fun. Stories that touch our funny bone, the ones that make us giggle out loud. I love to hear my children inform me delightedly of something that we just read together, not even concerned with the fact that I heard it the same time they did. They’re just that eager to share the silliness. A Porcupine Named Fluffy is one of those silly books that make my daughters laugh out loud every time we read it. Now that they can read it themselves, I’ll find them giggling over it and can’t help smiling to myself as I walk by.

The absurdity of being named Fluffy occurs to this young porcupine over the course of a few unfortunate events, and he begins to question what might be wrong with him to cause him to be so misnamed. Hilarity ensues as he tries time and time again to become truly fluffy. Finally he meets a new friend with an equally ridiculous name, and after a good laugh, decides that being named Fluffy isn’t so bad after all.

I’m sure you could try to find some kind of moral lesson within the pages to support teaching your children to be themselves, etc., but sometimes the best way to respond to books like these is simply to enjoy them. And I can assure you that my family enjoys this little story thoroughly. Even my son, far too young to understand why it’s funny, laughs and giggles because he sees his sisters doing so. It’s an oft-read family favorite, and I’m grateful for the chance to read it and enjoy something silly with my children. Look it up if you want a guaranteed laugh with the little kids in your life!


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