A Fish Out Of Water

003744One of my sweetest childhood memories is of my mother reading A Fish Out Of Water to me. I don’t know why I remember that so clearly, aside from the fact that there’s no counting how many times she read it to me. I can remember sitting there with her, giggling wildly at the absurdity of the story. Who ever heard of a tiny goldfish growing big enough to fill a swimming pool? My sister still has the copy of the book we enjoyed as children; it lost its front and back covers many years ago and the yellowed pages are just barely stitched together.

Like me, my little ones love this fun book! They have a very definite appreciation for the absurd, and this story certainly satisfies that! The responsible mother in me also sees the value in noticing the relationship between actions and consequences presented within the story, but I don’t ever make that a big lecture. It’s obvious enough without mom pounding it into their little heads.

The illustrations are classic P.D. Eastman, with few colors, few objects on the average page, and all of them highlighting the ridiculous moments. I’ve no doubt your children will appreciate the humor in this book just as much as my own have. Enjoy!



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